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Khaliah Guillory on Channel 26 – How do you start over after being laid off?

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“How do you start over after being laid off?”

Late last year, 14,000 GM workers got the news that they were being laid off, and they were not alone. Being laid off is sadly common problem across the country. Losing your job can be a devastating experience, especially when it comes as a total surprise. However, look at it this way – it can be a chance to rethink your career or reinvent yourself professionally. Take it from me, after working my way up to the c-suite, my company had to make challenging budget cuts. It wasn’t easy on anyone, but with foresight and strategic thinking, you can start over again.

Check this out – I’m on FOX

In this video from Fox 26’s Isiah Factor Uncensored, I shared my story and offered viewers tips on how to move forward with life after being laid off. While it can be difficult to accept that such a major career decision has been made for you, the things we can control can make all the difference. In my conversation with Isiah Carey and Stephen Cooper, we discuss the importance of thinking strategically about your new situation. You may want to find a new job similar to your old one, or take the opportunity to branch out and try something new. After all, we all have transferable skills.If you’ve been laid off, or if you’re worried that budget cuts may impact your job, listen to this video. You may be feeling fear, anger, or a host of other negative emotions right now, but the next stage of your life is really, just the beginning. Watch now to hear the full conversation.


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