Diversity & Inclusion

The mission: Inspire, empower and encourage human to human connections via strong communication and diversity and inclusive programs.

Conscious Inclusion

Inclusion is a universal human right with a goal of embracing all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or other uniquely human traits. Khaliah believes we should embrace our differences with conscious inclusion for a whole new realm of being in order to promote equality within the dimensions of diversity.

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Pretty deep, huh? Well, that’s why it takes an expert to build your diversity and inclusion program at a company full of unique individuals who require attention, detail, and gentle guidance to feel safe and included. Khaliah will come to an organization and listen. Then, she’ll create a customized approach to suit your budget and needs.

Phases for Diversity & Inclusion Programs include:


Giving equal access and opportunities to people and ending discrimination and intolerance can’t affect all aspects of public life because once we realize that everyone has something important to contribute, we can start influencing positive change.

Beware of bias

We All Can Be Leaders

Bias can lead us to make unfortunate decisions, preventing us from appreciating and utilizing the useful contributions others are capable of. This interactive workshop will help members of your organization identify and manage their conscious or unconscious biases and recognize the advantages true diversity and inclusion can bring to an organization.

Today’s top leaders understand the importance of diversity and inclusion and its role in building effective teams that produce winning results. Khaliah Guillory’s training and workshops can help you and your organization recognize the value of inclusion and develop ways to create a sense of belonging in your company culture. We can seamlessly integrate a diversity and inclusion program into your company so that it is easy, convenient and only requires commitment.

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Lead with your heart

Good leaders inspire the people around them to realize their full potential. They take ownership and go the extra mile to achieve their goals. But, what’s does it take to become a good leader? Everyone has the ability to lead, but first, they need to learn the skills that make a person a valued leader. Khaliah’s training and workshops help those within your organization recognize and develop the leadership traits they already possess including confidence, empathy, optimism, and integrity.

Khaliah has over a decade of experience working with C-Suites, managers and community leaders from all over the globe. Through one-on-one interviews, panel discussion, workshops, and speaking engagements, she can help transform your leadership team.


Improve productivity and performance

What prevents smart, capable people from giving their all? It’s difficult for a person to operate at their full potential in a situation where they’re afraid to express who they really are. Khaliah’s training and workshops help organizations increase productivity and improve performance by showing them how to create an environment that promotes acceptance and inclusion for all.

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Change Management

Corporate merger leadership

A corporate merger can be a stressful time for your employees. Job uncertainty, along with new management, rules and procedures can make an employee nervous about their future at the company. These insecurities can have a detrimental impact on employee performance. Khaliah’s change management workshops teach employers how to provide the inspirational leadership employee’s need to guide them through these uncertain times and maintain productivity.

What makes Khaliah O. Guillory’s workshops so memorable?


Individuals receive one-on-one time, groups engage with an interactive format.


Get constructive, meaningful discussions, that build genuine human-to-human connections.


Learn to embrace new ideas, viewpoints, and concepts.


Hear inspirational messages that leave audience members feeling confident with a strong sense of purpose.


Programs bring laughter, tears and real discussions to the forefront for effective, tangible results.


Inspiring people, creating safe workplaces and generating authentic selves.

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